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Weetabix On the Go

May 18, 2013

We’ve all done it – left home without breakfast and started work on an empty stomach. Our hectic schedules means that we are always fighting for time in the morning, rushing to get the train, tube or bus means that breakfast is the one thing that gets dropped from our morning routine. Not good because breakfast is the most important meal; it fuels you up and gets you ready for the day.

Without breakfast you get irritable, restless, and tired. You also find myself snacking in between meals in order to fill the gap. Weetabix have come up with the perfect solution to deal with this. It is called Weetabix On the Go biscuit, which is a packet of four biscuits that give you all the fibre, vitamins and minerals that you need for a great start in the morning. he crunchy breakfast biscuits are baked in the distinctive

Weetabix lozenge shape and are available in three different flavours; Milk & Cereal, Apple with a hint of Cinnamon and Fruit & Fibre. The biscuits are high in fibre and contain sources of calcium. You can buy them in boxes containing five packs of four biscuits. I tried the biscuits and I must admit that they are a but on the dry side but they do help to fill you up. Four biscuits is just the right amount to satisfy your hunger. As mornings tend to be very hectic for me then Weetabix On the Go is a perfect to consume while I am on the train.

Weetabix On the Go can be bought from all major supermarkets.

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