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The Microsoft Apartment

July 2, 2014

I visited The Microsoft Apartment a few weeks ago which is a showcase for Windows and Microsoft to showcase their array of latest tech and gadgets. The location is based in Central London in a very glam apartment that is split on two levels. It is a family home with rooms dedicated to different functions and family members.

The concept was to demonstrate how the whole family can use devices, software and apps that are part of the Windows and Microsoft hub for work and play. This philosophy was put together very beautifully by interior designer, Kelly Hoppen who styled the place with a lot of style and flair.

Microsoft Apartment pic 2The lounge is where the family can join together and watch films, football matches and play games on a large screen. The Kids Room was a true delight with brightly coloured accessories, beanies and toys dotted about. A teched up office is placed on the mezzaine where you could work but keep an eye out on the kids.

This room had a Surface 2 and various Nokia phone devices. The kitchen had all the latest mod cons and is a space where you could try out all the latest cookery apps. As you can imagine the bedroom was very luxurious and there was a large screen where you could use XBox and watch TV or movies in bed while you unwind.

The Microsoft Apartment symbols the home of the future but a realistic one that combines work, family and play.

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