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The Guide by Carphone Warehouse

October 27, 2013

I don’t really read that many tech magazines as I tend to get my information online and from YouTube. I came across The Guide┬áby Carphone Warehouse when I attended their┬áChristmas Press Show a few weeks ago. While most phone network wheel out a standard publication which features all the latest phones and their services, Carphone Warehouse have gone one step further by producing a magazine that shows how technology is now entrenched in our lives. What is so wonderful about The Guide is the way they present technology in a very user friendly way that is engaging to read. They have obviously done their research and realised how short our attention spans are as each story is delivered in digestible chunks. Their debut issue celebrates the revolution of camera phones. The format of the publication is 36 pages and it is printed on medium quality paper with a glossy cover. The cover is not exactly outstanding but for the subject matter it is eye catching; instead of having an image of a gadget they have a lifestyle shot of a lady using her digital camera.

It is the content that really make the The Guide stand out. There is an article on how to select the right camera phone for you looking at attributes such as megapixels, lenses, optical image stabilisation aka (OIS) and image processors. What is so great about this feature is that it not only references other phones on the market but it also breaks down exactly what those technical terms means. There is also a nice little side bar about the history of camera phones for the train spotters out there. We get a glimpse into the life of photographer, Dilshad Corleone who uses his iPhone to take all of his amazing pictures. Our Top Picks is a double spread where the staff from Carphone Warehouse have compared all the latest smartphones on the market in a nutshell. This is a really useful guide for someone who is looking for a new handset and just want a snap shot of all the attributes. With the festive season upon us no magazine would be taken seriously without a feature on gift guides and I really like the way Carphone Warehouse have put this together. They have selections for the fashion conscious, workaholic, tech savvy, social butterfly, music mad and fitness fan. The gifs include speakers, headphones, tablets as well as phones. While most magazines have a agony aunt page, The Guide have Geek Squad answering various tech questions. Finally there are the usual appetisers of news, events and new releases for books, films, games and music.

The Guide is certainly not as aesthetically pleasing as my usual selection of magazines like Stylist, Grazia and Glamour but it actually contains articles that I would like to read. On another note there is no forgetting that Carphone Warehouse is a promotional tool in order to push the brand with advertorials and adverts crammed in and the logo everywhere. Also their point of view is guarranted to be impartial but if you fancy a fun read about tech then this is the magazine for you.

The Guide is available from branches of Carphone Warehouse. I am not sure how often it is published but they do have a digital version coming out very soon.

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